Senior Session: Ann

Ann is officially the queen of senior sessions! Seriously, from the beginning she had it down to a science. I was thoroughly impressed to say the least. So excited to finally post these beautiful girls senior pictures! I happened to take a bunch and couldn't really choose so sorry not sorry if this is a long blog! I JUST LOVED ALL OF THEM!!! Sidebar: Okay so if you all didn't see it, just a background story, Anna and I LOVE Meyers Leonard. I happened to mention it in the sneak peek I posted on Insta and HE LIKED IT! Ann and I proceeded to fan girl and basically it was the best day of my life. For all you blazer fans out there if you have any tickets pass it on to me or Ann or both. We'd be happy to take them off your hands! Per usual all my seniors are amazing and Ann was no exception! Thanks so being so fun Ann!