Senior Session: Ellie

Okay so despite the fact that Ellie is perfect, I have to give a shout out to Portland as well! If you haven't been around the NW 23rd area of Portland you're missing out. It is so beautiful there and fall as just on fleek in that area! Ellie is my final senior model from Dayton HS! I love working with Ellie, as well as the rest of my senior models. I have to confess something. When I started this I kept thinking over and over again that I was going to have to deal with mean or bratty senior girls BUT WOW I WAS SO WRONG! I loved spending time with every single senior model and senior in general. I couldn't have asked for a better class of 2017 senior model group! Though that's a wrap on my senior models official session's you can bet I won't let you ladies get away that easy. Here's to more laughter and fabulous sessions!