Senior Session Tips

The number one question that I get asked when scheduling a senior session is what should I wear? With that in mind, I thought that I should write a blog about how to prepare for a senior session. I hope this will help you feel more prepared and share some tips so you can get the best of your senior pictures.

First thing’s first, you must PREPARE! I think that the most important part of the senior session preparation is picking your location. Whether you want an urban, forest, desert, etc. you need to make sure to pick an outfit that goes along with that location. It’s all about making you, as the senior stand out while complementing your location.

Outfit Choice

I like to run my photo session and make sure that I can capture those moments that make up your personality. So you should make sure your outfits are your style! While I want to make sure that every part of you is represented, I’m going to give you a couple of tips.

  1. Almost every photographer (myself included) sets packages so you can only bring a certain amount of outfits and while there are reasons why they do it, there are ways to have more looks than three. You can always bring a jacket or other accessories that take no time to put on or take off. That gives you the opportunity to have multiple looks while keeping in your time frame and looking FAB. The pictures below feature some great accessories that complete an outfit. These pictures are great examples of how a hat or adorable balloons can help make a photoshoot great! 

  2. I personally love color. I think that it is always great to bring something of color. So even if your style is super casual, jeans and a bright top will add great color to your photos. Be aware that you don’t want too much color. As I mentioned before you want the colors you wear to compliment your location. Since Oregon is beautiful and green basically any color can go with that! But, bright colors that contrast green are always good! The pictures here are just some examples of fab colors that compliment surroundings. Please note that all these outfits also make my senior models look amazing! 

  3. Ask your photographer. Seriously, we know more than people think. I am always willing to help with outfit coordination, locations, accessories, you name it. We just want you to have a great experience come out loving your pictures.

Be Yonce

I’m low key obsessed with Beyonce so when I say “Be Yonce” I simply mean be fab. Beyonce to me represents confidence, sass, and sweet. There are many parts to the complete Yonce which are followed by 2 easy steps.

  1. Spend the day getting glam. Make-up is your best friend during a senior session. As many people know, camera’s just naturally wash you out, there for with a little help from a makeup artist the camera will not have that same effect leaving you with the best possible pictures! Also getting you hair down means that you won’t have any hair falling in your face and you also feel super confident. You also get to feel like a celeb which never hurts.

  2. Let it go. I always say the first 20 minutes are kind of a warm up because it takes time to get used to the camera and feel comfortable. With that in mind, think about letting it all go. Another time I mention before a photoshoot is that you if you just let it all go and work it then you really will come out with the best photos. I just want to make a note that your photographers are here to help direct you and make you feel beautiful and confident. If you’re nervous, you won’t be the first or last person nervous. I’ll just make you giggle, twirl, and blow kisses at the camera!