Happy Birthday Autumn. I’m fully prepared to welcome all things orange, yellow, and crisp. I’m not only excited to learn how many pumpkin spice lattes are consumed during the course of this season, but I’m STOKED to photograph some trendy seniors! Undeniably I’m obsessed with photography (duh, I own a photography business) but I think I’m more interested in how my seniors personify their personality through their shoots and clothing choices. Now, the one number question I get asked is, “what should I wear.” At that point I generally respond with something along the lines of, “whatever you want.” Now I know that’s not completely helpful, but honestly I just want my seniors to wear what makes them comfortable and shows who they are! I generally stick to the same rules as, wear colors that don’t make you blend into the background (like green in a place will all Douglas firs), and bring a fab attitude because it’s ABOUT TO BE LIT!

We’re lucky enough to live in such a beautiful place that shows 4 different seasons all year round (GOD BLESS YOU 503). I think that we should appreciate that, take advantage of it, but don’t get sucked into it. I say this knowing full well that I wear brown boots, play in leaves, and cook pumpkin seeds only during the Fall, I also think that just because you’ve planned to have a senior session in fall doesn’t mean that you have to wear burgundy skirt and black combat boots. That also means you can do whatever you want! Be as stereotypically fall or not. For those of you who are reading this and are like, “dude this doesn’t help me, I still don’t know what to wear.” WELL you’re in luck, I made a Pinterest board with all your Fall inspiration that you need. I hope that you understand that by no means do you have to wear these things, but I wanted to help, because like I said it’s always what people want to know! Most of those who know me could probably guess that this whole pinterest board is filled with layers, jewelry, and scarfs. Welllll you guessed right! Hopefully this board will help get your creative juices flowing so you can decide what your perfect fall senior session outfit looks like! Click on this link to see the beauty that is my fall pinterest board.

I can’t deny that as I’m writing this that I burning some pumpkin spice candles and looking online as to how I can wear more fall colors, but I can say that I’ll be adding to this Pinterest board probably forever and I hope you all enjoy. Let’s throw up some leaves and swipe those credit cards at Starbucks to get our PSL on because GUESS WHAT IT’S FALL Y’ALL!!!