I dare you

Honestly if we were to play truth or dare right now I promise you I would choose truth over and over again. I just don’t like the uncertainty of dare. I don’t like giving someone else the power to basically choose what I’m going to be doing. Also, there is this movie called Triple Dog Dare that scares me because they all have to shave their head. It’s just not a fun movie and so I don’t like dares. BUT, I’m going to dare you. This is a dare or a call to action. This is time for you to be bold. Look, while senior season might be winding down a little bit, it’s also very much in the forefront of everyone’s mind. I’m here to dare you to do one or all of these things during your senior photo shoot. I promise you when you look back the next day, in 3 months, at graduation, or even 10 years from now you’ll be so happy you did one of these things. I so wish I had someone pushing me a challenging me during my senior photoshoot.

Bring one (or more) bold accessory

I don’t just mean bring one small little necklace, even if it’s your favorite. That’s not necessarily a bold accessory and you probably wear it all the time without thinking. I mean bring a fun hat to match the season or your pet (yes they’re an accessory). You can even bring something to represent yourself and what you do. The possibilities are endless but I want you to bring an obvious accessory that stands out.

Walk into the shoot exuding confidence

Don’t second guess yourself or make faces because you feel like you’re about to do something stupid. Absolutely just go for it from the beginning. If you choose this photographer because you love the way their images end up then they know what they’re doing and you’re not going to look “stupid or awkward.” Trust them and come in with confidence to get the best possible images.

Show your personality

There are so many ways you could do this. This could be by taking a bunch of super goofy pictures or bringing something that shows off your true self. If you’re not a seriously person try not to focus on the serious face. Just make sure you walked away from the shoot knowing that you were 100% your true self.

Be over the top

Elevate your actions and the directions that the professional photographer gives you. Once again you trust them don’t you and you chose them because you love the way their images turned out? Then make sure that when the photographer gives you a direction you make it bolder than they imaged. Honestly really going for it makes it way more fun anyways.

Will you accept this dare?