Weekday shoots are the best!

Yep, I said it. This is from a girl who loves a weekday shoot more than anything. I had my first Saturday off (sunny Saturday) for the first time in 3 months. YES I SAID IT! Sometimes I work like a dog. I also accidently gave myself that Saturday off thinking I had booked a shoot but didn’t so I happily took the day to enjoy the sunny but cold fall day. While I love shooting on a weekday because let's be real sometimes it makes my life easier, there are also tons of perks to shooting during the weekday. While maybe not all of these will apply to you, the time of year you shoot, or the locations that you want to shoot at, just take a look at these reasons. Sometimes shooting during a weekday can be the most beneficial thing to you. It also can reduce the stress that sometimes comes along with planning your senior session.

First and foremost, when you shoot on the weekdays everything is less busy. This means the location is less busy. There are so many locations that I go that other photographers and their clients love to shoot at. This is especially true in Portland. This means shooting during the weekdays allows you to have more free range at the location. You can really pick and choose where you want to go and not really have to the do polite side step to avoid that other girly getting her senior pictures taken. It’s also a lot less busy in salons. This means that your get full and complete attention on you. Hollaaaa treat yo self.

Missing school honestly doesn’t suck. More times than not when you do your senior pictures during the fall on a weekday you’ll need to leave school early. Sometimes, and hopefully I’m not getting anyone in trouble here, but my seniors completely skip that day of school. Its necessarily right? It can also be a fantastic way to break up your week whether that mean break up the summer work week or break that school week up, it can be so much fun!

More dates are usually open to you when you contact your professional photographer and say, “hey I want a weekday date for my senior pictures.” You’ll probably be kissed through email by your photographer and be sent 4 times the amount of the available dates than if you say you need a weekend.

Look, we all understand that sometimes it’s really hard to do a weekday photoshoot. A lot of times seniors wants their parents at the photoshoot and that’s hard when you have working parents and they work during the week. I totally get that seniors have sports that have practices that run all day long and it’s their passion. I’m just simply saying that you have the ability to shoot during a weekday, then absolutely take advantage of it. Reveal in that special moment and hopefully you won’t have to share your location with 5 other photographers plus their clients.