Why prints are so important

So as most people know, I don’t include prints in my senior photoshoot packages. Actually I don’t include prints in any of packages of any kind of portrait photography. I think that with such a digital age people love having their files of their pictures they can pick and choose from to post on social media. That’s why I design my packages with the full online gallery available to my seniors and their families with the ability to order prints through me at a separate cost. I just love giving my clients the choice. That being said I know that a lot of my clients prints photos eventually through costco, walmart, walgreens, and basically any other place you can think of that sells low quality prints. I don't’ want to harsh on these places, but they don’t necessarily shoot to offer the highest quality of prints. They tend to focus more on getting you quick and cheap prints, which can be really great. Trust me I print stuff their all the time. I didn’t realize until recently how different the quality is and how important it is to print from your photographer. There are an abundance of reasons why you should order prints from your photographer, seriously I could right so many things. I just want you to picture this though before you read the 5 reasons why you should order prints from your professional photographer. Picture ordering a ton of prints for your family of your senior only to get all the prints back with weird crops, colors, and rather fuzzy print. It’s the worst especially because larger corporate companies that don’t specialize in printing don’t take responsibility to for things of that nature. Then picture this getting your package from your photographer with everything you ordered looking exactly how you had pictured it. YES, that’s right. It will be just what you pictured. It will come all at one time and you won’t have to re-order (unless you want to) because they messed up. It is the best feeling.

Printing from your photographer does a lot of things for you.

  1. Takes away the stress

  2. Ensures high quality

  3. Delivers directly to you all at one time

  4. Colors are crisp and exactly how you imagined

  5. A wide array of products are available

Okay, do you get it now? Like I said in the beginning there are so many freaking reasons to order prints. Prints fill your house and make it a home. Cheesy right? Yeah, I like it that way. I still love going over to my grandparents house and seeing all the prints they have hanging up of myself and my siblings around their house. It makes my heart so happy. Make your heart happy too and just order the prints. I know you want to.