How to Spend Your Money Correctly for your Senior Pictures

More times than not money is a factor when choosing your dream senior photographer. Each and every photographer has a different formula and pricing guide which comes with many different things. Some photographers choose to only sell prints and don’t do an online gallery of images unless there watermark is attached. Other photographers only release an online gallery of images. Other photographers only give you a couple of images while some give you tons. It’s all over the board. This is one of my main reasons why I think that you should have open communication with your professional photographer is so important. Before you book your photographer you should totally understand everything and understand what the breakdown of pricing means for you. I have clients who have said they wanted prints included in the pricing and I’ve had people reach out to me.  I’ve also had people reach out to me after talking to a ton of other photographers who don’t offer as many edited images as I do for the price of a session. I hate to come at it this way, but the way you spend your money during a session is totally your prerogative. I could sit here and drown on about how I personally think that you should invest in a package with a lower amount of prints and more edited images or vis verse. The reason that I offer the packages that I do is because I realize the importance of edited online images. I also don’t see a need for a watermark, while other photographers swear by their watermarks. Every single photographer is so very different and can help you find exactly what you need.

My biggest advice to you as a senior or as a parent of a senior scouting out their photographer is start by asking yourself how much time do you think that you want for a session. Time doesn’t always equate to more images per package. It can be very confusing but if you can ask each photographer when you reach out, hi there my daughter wants an hour session, what do we get with that hour, it really helps you organize your thoughts. More times than not your decision for which photographer is made based on the style of the photographer or the fact that you’ve heard great things about that. That absolutely makes your life easier, it doesn’t mean that you know what you’re going to get. When it comes to my packages that don’t include prints, I tend to encourage my seniors who want those prints/canvas wraps/photo albums (the tangible stuff)  to go with a lower timed session and then invest the money they would have used to get more edited images towards the prints they want. There is a ton of ways to compromise on what you want and how much you can get. Like I mentioned above it’s so very important to speak to your photographer and understand what you’re getting for the price you’re paying BEFORE you book your session. Important to have open communication to ensure that everyone is happy. Let’s be real a senior session is no small investment and we as professional photographers don’t want you to be unhappy or confused about the services we provide.