Taking Pictures when it's JUST TOO COLD OUT

Hey guys, look I don’t like the cold. I honestly am that one friend that always finds a way to be cold even when it’s hot out. There are always circumstances that cause you to take your senior pictures later than summer or you’re waiting for that perfect color of the trees to take pictures, which can be fantastic, but also can cause FREEZING WEATHER! Sometimes honestly that’s how the cards are dealt. Sometimes you end up picking a date that drops in temperature and the sun isn’t shining, but you honestly don’t need to be bummed out by it. There are tons of benefits to getting that cloudy day weather despite the chilliness. I know that since it’s getting colder and we can still take pictures outside as long as there is no torrential downpour even it’s too chilly. I promise it’s not that bad. I can totally tell you how to brave the weather and rock those chilly pictures. I do want to put a little bit of a disclaimer first and say that some of the comments that I make really only relate to my style of photography and running a photoshoot. That doesn’t mean that this may not relate to you and your photographer. It’s just something to bring up ahead of time in case it’s something that you’re worried with.


Yep. I feel like I don’t need to explain this much further, but I’m going to a bit. Just bring a huge jacket or blanket that is easy to throw on in between shots or walking to and from destinations. Just chuck it off when you’re ready to shoot.

  • If you’re walking to your destination it’s okay to bring warm shoes and sock then change

Sometimes when it’s super cold you’re walking to a snowy peak and/or just to walk a long way from the car then you should pack on the layers when walking. It’s fine if you’re not wearing heavy boots for your photos but don’t make yourself freeze before the shoot starts by not being prepared.  

  • Insist on driving instead of walking if it’s a block our two away

YEAH! This is kind of relating to number 4/5. This can be a break for you and it’s a great way to warm up the toes, fingers, and for me my nose gets really cold so your nose! Photographers aren’t on camera (duh) so we can really bulk layer, but it’s harder for you guys when you want to look your best so don’t worry about asking to be high maintenance. It’s okay, you’re allowed to be.

  • You can take a break and sit in the car or a shop that has heating

Anytime you get cold just say wow I am to cold and need to warm up. This is really important to speak up and say to your photographer because more times than not you’re going to look cold on camera and you don’t want that emotion to be shown when your pictures come back.

  • Taking it slow to warm up in between shots is A-OKAY

Like I said this is so much like my shooting style. I like to take it slow and make sure that we put comfort before time for my clients. Sometimes it’s good to take one or two photos and then warm up really quick. You don’t need to be miserable just because it’s miserable outside.

Honestly, it’s not the end of the world if it’s cold outside. Even if it’s sunny it doesn’t mean that it’s warm outside. Sometimes you want to wear warmer weather clothes and it’s cold out, but it’s going to be okay and can be worked around with your photographer. You really just need to be open about your communication. Like I always say, it’s better to be overly prepared than not at all prepared.