If you're going to bring a pet to your Senior Pictures

Ya’ll knowwww how much I love pets. I mean honestly, I love dogs so much it’s gotten to the point where I won’t even talk to the owner of the dog and I’ll just go up and talk to the dog. Then the dog is the love of my life. Literally no matter what! It’s gotten a little out of hand now that I’m a dog mom, but embrace it. I love times 1 million when my seniors or families bring their pets with them to their sessions! I think that it’s so amazing when seniors get to bring their childhood pets and that way they always have great pictures with them. While this is all fantastic, I want to preface this blog with the fact that I know that these outings can be really stressful on the pets and hopefully these tips will help reduce the stress for you and the pet.

  • Bring an entourage

While I do always encourage this because a girl/guy has got to have their tribe, but sometimes it really helps to have a dog wrangler. Like you’ll see in my second point, you don’t need your dog in every picture or with every outfit or at every location. Sometimes it’s too much for the animal and for you. If you have someone who can kind of not really be there with the pet except for when it’s time, then that’s usually best.

  • If you can don’t have the pet be there the whole time

I mean that’s fairly obvious, but sometimes it has to be said. You don’t need your pet in every single picture. Sometimes I suggest, if it’s possible, to have someone drop off the pet for the last 20 minutes for the shoot so you can still get a couple of really good pictures together, but you’re still focusing on being there and present without having to worry about what your dog might be up to. Sometimes weather conditions are really hard on the pet so it is good to only bring them for a short period of time to avoid stress.

  • Bring treats

This is something that totally gets overlooked all the time. Which I get. As a senior you’re doing 1 million things and then when you’re getting ready for your senior pictures you’re trying to pick your outfits and get ready the last thing you think about is bringing treats. I know it’s hard to think of, but if your horse, dog, or hedgehog (hi Megan) will only do cool tricks if there’s food, then you should totally bring your treats. As a dog mom I know that my pup will only look at the camera if I’m holding a treat up so sometimes it’s great to have your mom stand behind me with the treat so we can capture the picture perfect moment.

Bonus tip: Bring a collar to match your pet or something like a cute sweater so that you have that one perfect picture.

Bringing your pet to your senior photo shoot should be fun! Trust me it really is fun. It’s so fun and usually that’s everyones favorite part of their senior shoot, spending time with their bff(s). I just hope that you’ll kind of think about these things when you’re planning your photo shoot with your pet. Trust me, it makes everything run much smoother.