Howard Family Photos: McMinnville, Oregon

Ugh, this family has my heart. Let me just preface this blog by saying I'm sorry I haven't blogged in forever! It's just not really my Jam but it's my goal to blog all the time this Summer so hopefully the weather isn't too nice so I'm not pulled away from my computer or my camera... The Howard family is the cutest most loving family ever! I had such a fun time with them and their crazy excited dog! We spent the evening in McMinnville in one of my favorite spots to shoot thanks to all these beautiful trees. This family like so many others were so excited to get pictures taken since they hadn't had them done in something like 7 years! People, get them done! You won't regret this purchase, I promise. This family is not only the sweetest family, but they also own Mikey's Pizza in McMinnville! Be sure to pop in and say hello because honestly I just heart them too much to not give them a shout out. I hope you enjoy these family photos as much as I do!