Picking the perfect location and season for your senior pictures

This blog might a be a little longer than usual. I think that’s necessary. Part of picking the perfect location is thinking about which season you want to shoot in. Yikes, that’s a lot of stuff to think about so let me help you. This is going to kind of a two-parter. If you’ve already picked a season then head down to the second part so that I can help you pick a certain location. Here we go! I’m so stoked on this blog. 

Picking a Season

Okay if you’re anything like me then you love all seasons for different reasons. I love the dark colors of winter, the bright flowers of Spring, the SUNSHINE of summer and the beautiful leaves of fall. Yikes, that makes things kind of difficult. Here are a couple of things that could help narrow down your decision. 

  • When are your senior pictures due for your yearbook?

This honestly can limit what time of year you can get senior photos done. Depending on your photographer it takes around 3 weeks to send finished products or files of the pictures from your session. So plan accordingly. This means that if your yearbook pictures are due October 10th then you should make sure that you get photos done at least 1 month in advanced. Sometimes it sucks that the yearbook dictates when you can get photos done, but it also really helps you make a decision. 

  • What outfits do you want to wear?

Okay, so we all understand Portland right? Or the Willamette Valley area? Sometimes the weather doesn’t always stay warm or dry. That means that if you’re super interested in wearing flowy dresses and shorts then maybe late fall or winter or early spring are not the best times for senior pictures. Also, on the other side of that if you’re trying to wear your favorite coat and sweater then that is def a create fall photoshoot idea. You don’t want to sweat miserably during your session. If you’re still like ugh my yearbook pictures due date don’t even matter then think about the weather. 

  • Do you have a bunch of sports that cause you to have limited time during Fall or Winter?

Okay, you’re still like ugh I don’t know still Cassie you’re not helping me. Okay, okay let’s talk about this in another way. Are you a sports nut? Are you a 3 sport varsity athlete? Then let’s talk about taking your senior pictures during the summer when you have more flexibility. Above we mentioned Oregon’s crazzyyyy weather so it’s better to do photos during the summer when you have the most wiggle room in case a reschedule due to weather is necessary. 
Okay so have you picked a season? Or have I helped you understand what season to lean towards? I sure hope so. I really want to make sure you’re comfortable with your decision. Okay so hopefully now that you’ve picked a season to let’s talk about where you’re going to get your photos taken. 
Picking a location
Let's start with this. Senior photographers usually have different packages. A package will mean that you can get a certain amount of locations. So if you’re looking for one location then my lower tips will help. If you think that you want multiple locations then hopefully I can help you make up your mind. 

  • Rural

When rural I think big parks and random fields that you think of as “classic” in the best way. Are you looking to get pictures of you in the quintessential long grass field and lush green trees? Then rural is probably the best way you can go. All senior photographers in the Willamette Valley we all have a bunch of different locations. If you want help then you should ask for a rural area with lush green trees or whatever specific thing you’re looking for.  

  • Urban

Urban photoshoot locations are kind of up to what to you. What do you see as urban? Do you think that in the middle of busy downtown Portland is urban or do you think that as simple as Newberg being an urban downtown location? If you want a bunch of different options for urban settings than my suggestion is go into a heavily populated downtown location so you have a ton of different places to explore. 

  • Colorful

This goes back to picking a season. What kind of color are you looking for? Different locations look better in the fall than they do in the summer and vise verse. So if you’re looking for colorful then a photographer says here are the best locations for this season then you have to be like yes, I totally agree! With a let’s do this kind of attitude! 
Despite everything I said, your session maybe more specific than this blog. That is why you must communicate with your photographer with specifics. I know that I go to the end of the earth to make my clients feel special especially during their seniors. It’s such an exciting time in your life that we need to make it perfect! Don’t be afraid to be picky and speak up about your dream session/location/season. I can’t wait to hear about where your dream location is! 

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