You should DEF get your makeup done for your Senior Pictures

Disclaimer: I am very passionate about this topic. Coming from someone who really doesn’t wear makeup. I mean almost never wears makeup and just really find the time to put it on and doesn’t really care about makeup 9/10. For my senior pictures I was like no don’t you dare put makeup on my face. I hated it that much. Here’s the deal. You NEED professional makeup for senior pictures. I’m very adamant on this. It’s one thing if makeup is your life and you want to do makeup forever and ever. That’s when I say do your thing. Otherwise, let a professional do their best. I just wanted to tell you before you went on to look at why you need to get your makeup done for your senior pictures.

  • You’ll feel fly

Need I say more? Probably. You really will feel like 1 billion bucks! If you’re nervous about makeup then make sure you communicate with your photographer and your makeup artist about your specific needs. The makeup artist wants you to feel as beautiful as possible. So if you have something in mind, speak your mind! You’ll love everything about your makeup and feel super confident and ready for your senior pictures.

  • It helps the pictures

I could get into the nitty gritty of camera physics and all that stuff, but it really does make your photos look fantastic. It makes your skin look beautiful and your eyes pop. That’s really it. It just adds that extra oomph to your pictures!

  • You’re not wearing as much as you think you are

This kind of goes along with number 2. You really might feel like, “wow I’m wearing SO much makeup.” But you actually need that much. The camera tends to wash people out and get rid of some contrast. That means that if you wear more makeup than it will help. It will also really make you look like you’re not wearing too much makeup. Now that doesn’t mean that you should go out and put a bunch of makeup on yourself. Hire a professional to do your makeup and let them do their magic because they’re wizards.

  • You’ll like your pictures more

This might be bold to say, but it’s true. You’ll look flawless and remember how great you felt. It really does make all the difference in the world.

It makes your senior pictures extra special

Senior pictures are a big freaking deal. It’s usually the first time you’ve ever gotten professional photos done and they’re representing all the hard work you’ve done. It’s a time to celebrate and enjoy. That means that you should get pampered. I mean you really only get these pictures done once. So take the stress away and get someone else worries about your face before the pictures. It will really get you in the “let's do this mode.”

 Okay, so now you’ve heard my rant. It’s real life you guys and once again it’s coming from someone who would get a F+ when it came to makeup application. That says something right? I mean at the end of the day these are your senior pictures and if you’re comfortable doing it yourself then you go for it. It’s all about how comfortable you feel. I just want to make sure that I give you all the info so you can make an informed decision.

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