Getting Ready to ROCK your Senior Pictures

Let’s get down to the meat of it. This is the middle of the sandwich. Everything I’ve written about thus far for you senior is photos has been basically preliminary goodness. Today we’re talking about all the goodness. This is for you girls who are type A or just a little bit nervous about your senior pictures. You like you be more prepared than less. This is all about rocking your senior pictures. How do you get your dream senior photos? This is how. This will give you a guide on how to really GO FOR IT! It’s so important to just let your flag fly. This is all about letting go and getting exactly what you want your senior photos to be. Senior pictures, as I’ve said time and time again, is all about you. Yes, y-o-u. No senior photographer wants you to walk away feeling unhappy about your senior pictures. At the same time photographer can really only do so much for you, if you’re not prepared and ready to really let loose. Some people look for more serious and moody images, which is great. While that is not my expertise and I tend to like bright, natural, and energetic photos. I think that blog post will really help all seniors, no matter the type of images you’re looking to get, but if not, feel free to reach out to me or your photographer so we can really make sure that you had the experience. Okay, now let’s get down to business. Below are the top 4 things that I think that you need to focus on before and during your session so that you can make sure it’s really fabulous. Here we goooooooooooo!!!!

  • Picking your location.

Where do you want to take pictures? Picking a location is always a hard thing to figure out. If you’re totally unsure then ask your photographer. Give them keywords about what you’re looking for. For example, if you’re like I really want urban photos. Approach your professional photographer and say, “I really want a location that is downtown, urban, but also isn’t super industrial and more modern.” Personally, I could name 10 locations that represent these keywords. This is great! Being specific really helps your photographer help your narrow things down. I had so many girlies last year that wanted both a rural and urban location, which I love! That’s something to be super specific about too. Take charge of what you’re looking for. If your photographer gives you 10 locations and you still feel like it’s not what you’re looking for, then ask again with different keywords. It’s so important that you’re excited before you even step on the location for your seniors.

  • Picking your outfits.

EEEEKKK the dreaded topic. Literally so stressful too so many girls. I don’t want you to stress! I am always available for your to send me awkward mirror selfies with your outfit choices or even if you’re wanting to bring 10 outfits and we can discuss them before your session. I totally get that it’s a hard choice. Something I would say as a tip for picking your photos is stick with the mood of the photographer and the senior photos that you want. If you want bright and light photos then bring colorful and sassy outfits! And then same for moody and dramatic photos. Next week I will write all about dressing right for your type and what you should and should wear for your senior pictures. Don’t worry girl, I got you. Just make sure that you wear what you want, not what anyone else expects you to wear or wants.

  • The day before preparation.

The day has almost arrived and it’s time to get ready for your senior pictures. Hopefully, the night before you have all of your outfits on hangers, not wrinkled and ready for transportation to your location. You already did that, you’re great! Good work. So here’s the real big thing. Make sure you wash your face the night before and put chapstick on (helps the lips stay beautiful for your pictures). The biggest thing is to not worry too much about these pictures. Just make sure you have your jam playlist ready and your favorite caffeinated beverage for the next day. Just go all out for that day and make sure you’re coming in your best mood and really ready to just do it. There’s not a lot of prep that you need to do besides make sure you know where you’re going when you’re meeting and you have your stuff with you! Always bring more, rather than less because sometimes you show up and see the location and think hmmm maybe let’s change into a different outfit. Just always nice to be more prepared rather than less.

  • During your session.  

It’s FINALLY time to get in front of the camera. Unless you’re a model you don’t find yourself in front of a camera all day every day, even when you’re a model that’s not a thing. It takes some time to get used to the camera. As those who have taken pictures with me will know, is that I don’t allow you to call yourself “awkward” while we’re together, because it’s not a thing! You can’t think you’re awkward or else this because of the reality in your images. You really need to just go for it. If I tell you to really twirl and let loose, well do it at an 110% level so you get the best images. I think the biggest thing you need to remember is that when you’re getting senior photos you need to really just go for it. Trust your photographer, but also love yourself. You’re going to look beautiful no matter what, but you’ve prepared for this and you deserve this day! You deserve to look beautiful and feel great! It’s so important that you really put your best foot forward for these photos and pretend that you just walked off the set of ANTM. You go girl.

I am so very excited for you. I am so excited for you to have the best ever senior photos. It’s going to be the best weather, you’re totally prepared and you’re ready to strut onto the location. What you’re still a little confused? Okay, that’s totally fine, but you have to reach out and get your questions answered! I don’t want you have any question in your mind that you’re fantastic and you’re going to get amazing senior photos!