What you need to know about a Rural Senior Photoshoot

Whats suppy puppies? Welcome to part two of this week’s senior blog! I thought that it was important to write the counter to a downtown photoshoot. The opposite, in my opinion, is basically a rural shoot. This could be in a field, a park, a farm, or basically anywhere that isn’t downtown. Now, this is typically, especially here in Oregon, what people go for. Also, something that I love, but this location type comes with it own set of challenges. I don’t want this to deter you from picking this type of location, but it is (just as urban photoshoots) are not for everyone. I hope that this too helps you make your location decision.

  • Changing is definitely difficult.

So unlike a urban shoot there aren’t many bathrooms around in random fields and parks. Where do you change you ask? Sometimes in the middle of a field, sometimes in your car, and sometimes in hot Honey Buckets are pretty disgusting. Yeah, sorry but that’s how it goes. Usually it’s someone changing in a car, which isn’t that bad, it just can be challenging at times. Not only does this mean that changing is hard, but you need to kind of carry your clothes around the location. This might mean that you need to bring a friend or two just to carry your stuff.

  • Bring another pair of shoes.

The ground can be hard to navigate. You kind of have to walk through uneven terrain to get to the perfect park of the field. I know that might sound crazy but it’s true. You need to sometimes walk a long time to get to the perfect place. This means that while heels are beautiful and lovely and I love when my senior girlies wear them, you should probably bring along a set of flats or birks to make sure that you can walk those long distances. It’s just an extra step is all.

  • Rural means soft images usually.

This totally goes back to setting expectations with your photographer. When you choose a super rural location for your senior photos it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get edgy images. It means it will kind of go along with the location which is colorful and soft. This means that if you want more edgy and high fashion images you need to find a photographer who can deliver that to you and then place you in a beautiful field to achieve the look. It’s basically all about the photographer's eye. I tend to play off of the location and draw inspiration from that. Other photographers tend to stick to a shooting style and don’t pay much attention to where they are. It’s fine either way a photographer chooses to draw inspiration, it just means that you need to find what you’re looking for.

Shooting rural is so fun! I love to run in big open fields and just play and have fun while you basically have the location to yourself. On the other hand, it can be dirty and kind of hard for some girls who want the highest luxury, modern and fashion type senior photos. You’re still able to get the photos you want, but it’s about knowing what to expect ahead of time. It’s all about setting expectations and knowing what you’re in for. I hope that these lists have not made you fear your senior photos rather made you excited for the future! Everything comes with challenges and some people might read this and think this is not even a challenge. Others might find it to be unbearable. Just hope you find the perfect match and location.