Kachia and Daniel// Engagement Photos

Long live engagement photos forever and ever and ever. I am obsessed with photographing couples. It's so fun when you're with a person and you get to work off their energy. It turns into pure magic. When Kachia contacted me she said, "I want a sunset and golden hour photo shoot." I mean HELLO is she my kind of person or what? Yes. Yes, she is. They got engaged during Zoolights at the Elephants and are moving to Bend together for Kachia's schooling. These two locations are private property and made me feel so frickin' special getting to be on these stunning properties. The first location was where they had their first date 4 years ago and the second location is on Daniel's family property and obviously holds a special meaning to them and their families. Both of these places were in McMinnville and wow I love the Willamette Valley and will never get over its beauty. This couple makes my heart so happy. I'm sure that after scrolling through these photos you'll feel the same. They're so beyond special and I am so happy I got the opportunity to meet them! LOVE IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Sorry not sorry for the pictures overload. I just love them sooooooo much. Enjoy!