Savannah and Jesse at Rowena Crest Viewpoint

How could you not just smile at these photos? Savannah and Jesse really helped me achieve one of my dreams. I have wanted to shoot at Rowena Crest for the longest time. It's absolutely stunning and one of my favorite places in the Columbia River Gorge. We drove there and of course since Jesse had NEVER been to Burgerville we had to stop (it's okay he loved it and we forgive him). Just getting to spend time with special people like this that are so driven and passionate about everything they do. They are 100%, my people. Sav and I met in class and since we both majored in Marketing we took a TON of classes together. So happy that after college we can continue to collab, work together, and altogether spend time together. Sav I'm so lucky for your friendship and so happy that you get to be with such a great guy like Jesse! I'm sorry that I've decided to share this many photos, but I honestly have waited for a long time to edit and post these photos. So no expense or time was spared in the editing of these photos! I hope that this isn't the last time that I shoot here or shoot this couple! I love love love LOVE! I want to capture it forever. Enjoy the magic!