Sydney and Yuriy// Engagement Photos

These engagements were crazy meaningful for me. See that beautiful little lady, Sydney, has been my best friend since 2nd grade. Yeah, we've known each other for way too long. It makes me so happy to know that she wanted me to take her engagement photos and be apart of her special day. Now Sydney and I completely solidified our friendship through unicycle club. Yeah, we straight up lived for that stuff. I love this girly so very much, I can't even control it. I can't wait to be apart of her wedding as bridesmaid next year. Sydney and Yuri met 2 years ago and let me just tell you the most beautiful engagement story ever. He surprised for their anniversary and drove all around the Oregon Coast. After a day of fun times, he surprised her by getting a horse ride on the beach (Syd's favorite thing is horses). They went on for some time until he jumped off the horses and proposed. After she said yes both of their families jumped out of the dune to help them celebrate. They spent the rest of the night doing a bonfire on the beach spending time with their families. I am so happy to continue with their happy journey to marriage. Maybe, just maybe if you scroll down to the bottom you'll see a dorky surprise. 

Here is the one and only picture of me in the newspaper. The local Newspaper put Sydney and I in it because we were riding our unicycles for the Junior Rose Parade. Yeah we are the freaking coolest forever.