Graduation Photos: Randee Jo// Portland State University

It's safe the say that I'm in love. You know when you just meet someone and you're like, "why are you so cool?" This is absolutely how I felt when I talked to RJ. She reached out to me just days before our shoot because she found out that she could graduate in just THREE years from Portland State University. This meant that she was basically thrown into graduating from college in just about a week. Despite what it seems like from these photos she had never had photos taken of her before! So we rushed to get in a perfect session for her. She was so sweet when she reached out to me and found me on Insta (best social media platform ever). I literally can't believe that Insta brought someone so cool into my life! I love my job. 

We spent the afternoon at the PSU campus and then we headed over to Cathedral Park in Downtown Portland. I have to say that I was so excited to see the sun peak out. It was literally cloudy all day until we started shooting together and the sunlight was magical (see the bottom photos)! As you can tell she brought her traditional wear because RJ is from Guam originally but lives here in PDX with her sister! Right now she's not really sure exactly what her next move will be but I can't wait to keep up with her and see all the good she does for the world! Okay, bye I'm obsessed.