Here is What Goes into Editing and General Post Photoshoot Processing

Here is what goes into editing and general post processing

I get this question a lot. Or questions like it. Questions such as: “How long does it take to edit?” “Can you get rid of (insert insecurity here) in editing?” “How many pictures do I get?” I seriously get these questions almost every single time I do a photoshoot so hopefully, we can all learn this together. I want to mention that myself and other photographers have a certain editing style. That could be as different as bright versus dark or moody versus happy. It could be as similar as both editing brightly but some like the shadows to be darker while others believe in a lighter less harsh edit. It is totally dependant on the photographer and every style is great. The reason that I point this out is that I think that when you pick your photographer you should recognize how edited or un-edited their images are. I love a good natural edit so my editing process is different than other photographers would do more glamour edits. Here are my steps that I take as soon as I get back from a photo shoot.

1. Download the images

This is obvious and to the point. I just take all the photos I took which is around 1,000 each time and download them to my external hard drive.

2. Send you a sneak peek

God, it is such a pain to have to wait for all your images especially after you’re so freaking excited after the shoot. This is why I send you a sneak peek and get to even more excited to get all your images! Oh my it’s my favorite part of the post process of photo shoots. It's hopefully good enough to hold you over.

3. Narrow the images down

We as photographers call this culling the images. This means that I go through all the photos I took and pick the best set of images to edit. There is literally no reason why I need to send a bunch of pictures of you doing the same things when I can pick and choose my favorites. For all those photographers following along check out Photo Mechanic (it’s what I use to cull).

4. Upload them into Photoshop

Once I’ve picked the best of the best then I upload them individually into photoshop to get them ready to edit.

5. Edit them individually

I edit them starting with the Adobe Raw feature which basically just helps me make the image just look less flat. It adds a little bit of oomph to the photos. To edit all the images it takes me usually 3 weeks to get them perfect. Every professional photographer is different, but they are usually really upfront about edits and the timeline.

6. Adjust the images

Adjusting can be cropping, taking away pimples, enhancing your best features, and adding more color to the image. I don’t mean adding colors that aren’t there I simply mean enhancing the colors that are there. This is basically simple, I really don’t do a whole lot of editing, like I said I really like to keep a natural look, but I also want you to look your very best. Sometimes acne happens and it isn’t always there so I take it away for your seniors and enhance your makeup and your beautiful eyes. It’s just the little things that I do depending on the senior.

7. Saves the Images

It’s simple. I just save them directly back onto my external hard drive. They’re saved as JPEGs and saved so they will be high resolution when delivered.

8. Creates an online gallery through PASS

I upload all the edited images into PASS as the high-resolution JPEGs. It’s that simple. They take a kind of a long time to upload but they are beautifully organized.

9. Send the client the link

That’s when I send the link to you! It’s a link that goes directly to you and you can send to whoever you want to view it. It’s super simple and easy and even has an APP where you can download the images directly to your camera roll. It’s amazing and is great for sharing and viewing.

10. Orders prints

I offer high-quality prints that you can order directly through me. You’re not obligated to order through me but wow it sure makes a difference in quality when you order through a photographer versus ordering at a Walmart. It’s just another thing that I keep doing in order to help you finish out the photo shoot on a high note. If you’re curious about the difference in prints check out this LINK.

Okay so does this all make sense? I really hope it does. We as photographers especially for seniors want to make sure it all makes sense and it’s simple. I don’t want you to think that I’m just sitting on the photos and then doing a quick edit. I want to make sure every photo is perfect. It’s hard a long time for you to wait, but it’s so important that you understand why it takes longer than you’d think. We put a lot into post processing and it’s all because we love our people.