What Guys should Wear for Senior Pictures

Yeah I know I normally focus on girls. I do photograph senior boys though and get this question a lot! There aren’t a whole lot of differences between what to wear guys versus girls but I think that it’s important to highlight the most important aspects. The most similar things would be coloring and stripes. That means don’t wear thin horizontal stripes because it will distort the camera. Also, this means that you should not be wearing the same color as the background. My suggestion to guys is to always wear something that compliments their eyes. If you have brown eyes you don’t need to wear a brown shirt. You can try wearing tan or even brown belt to compliment the eyes in a subtle way. Despite those few similar things for senior girls and guys here is what I normally suggest for my male seniors.

1. Bring a more formal outfit.

I don’t mean bring a suit and tie unless that’s you. I just mean dress up a little bit. It’s always great to get those couple of shots in the nicer outfits for a more formal invitation. It’s also just something to wear to dress things up. Now I know not every guy likes to dress up, but come on do it for your mom, she’ll love it.

2. Wear outfits for different seasons.

Whether you’re getting pictures done in the winter, summer, spring, fall etc. it is always great to see a different kind of looks on guys. That means maybe bring some jeans and then also bring a pair of shorts. It might be a good way for you to show your different personalities through your clothes. It also gives you parents lots of different varieties to choose from.

3. Don’t wear super baggy clothes.

Trust me I love a large oversized t-shirt as much as the next person but it really doesn't photograph in a flattering way. The best thing to do is wear fitted shirts at least even if you cover it up with a flannel or jacket.

4. Your pet is your best accessory.

Please bring all your pets. You don’t and shouldn’t photograph all your senior pictures with your dog but seriously it helps so much. It helps you loosen up and feel comfortable. Aren’t pets the best?

5. Do you play a sport?

I think it is so great when guys incorporate something they love in their seniors. Want to shoot some photos in your jersey, letterman jacket, or even hold a glove/ball is great! It’s so great to be able to look back at these photos and remember how much you loved a sport. It is always so great when guys incorporate it.

It’s so very simple to be a senior boy. You really don’t have to worry about much. I hope that you don’t stress too much and really just enhance what you already got. Come with a smile and be ready to work it and feel totally out of your comfort zone at first. It always ends up great and you’ll love the images but you gotta put in that work!