Getting over the nerves and enjoying your Senior Photos

Taking pictures is freaking nerve racking unless you’re a professional, but I believe that even then it can be scary. Lots of anticipation uncertainty going into a photo shoot. Look, I totally get it, but you cannot walk into anything like that. Usually on photo shoots when someone says, “I’m sorry I’m so awkward.” I don’t allow people to say that. NO NEGATIVE SELF TALK. It’s just not allowed. It goes back to my acting days (what up musical theatre club). It’s the idea that what you think will be shown across your face. If you think it, then you will be it. That is why you need to be like okay yes, I’m boss and I’m perfect and I’m going to slay this photo shoot. Seriously, you have to believe it. Also, you should always think that but that’s a blog for another day. SO look you’re probably nervous but also excited and wondering how this whole thing is going to work. Here are good ways of getting rid of the nerves before the session starts. Trust me when I say you’re still going to feel slightly nervous before the first snap of the lens but this will help!

  • Make sure you know what’s going on before the shoot

Make sure you know what to expect as far as timeline and overall what the photographer needs from you. This is kind of just simple and to the point. If you know what is going on before the shoot then you’re more likely to feel less nervous. That also means that you don’t have your mind racing full of random questions that you might forget to ask during the photo shoot. You have bigger things to worry about like looking fab. Clear your mind.

  • What’s your preparedness plan?

It’s like test anxiety if you go in thinking you know what the answer is then you’ll go in with confidence and hopefully your anxiety about the test will disappear. This isn’t a test, but remember all your teachers saying you should eat breakfast, sleep a lot the night before and come prepared for the test (see tip one). This is real life though you need to have a before the test/photo shoot plan.


This is before and during the photo shoot situation. Don’t call yourself awkward or weird before or during the shoot. I don’t allow that stuff on set because guess what… your face will scream high I feel awkward. Your face will read what you’re thinking. You need to think amazing confident thoughts and you’ll love the pictures.

  • Listen to your photographer’s directions

Did you pick this photographer for a reason right? Yeah, I’m sure you choose them because you loved the way that their photos turn out. So while you think that maybe their posing or methods are unorthodox you know they’ll turn out bomb so don’t question it and make sure you follow what they’re saying. Now if you’re confused by what they’re saying at the time, then ask questions so you’re making sure you’re getting it right, but also don’t be like, “what why?” BECAUSE WE KNOW! We are professionals right? Yes, yeah usually are. 

Hi so now you’re ready to slay. I promise you that if you just stick to even the last two point in this then you’ll feel so much more confident and your photos will be amazing. You’ll also have the very best time at your photo shoot. It’s so important to me and other senior photographers to make sure that you feel beautiful before, during and after your senior session. I promise if you follow these steps then you’ll feel like 1 billion trillion bucks. I am so very excited for you and your senior pictures.