Cassie Fisher Photography TURNS ONE!

I started freaking out when I realized that it’s been a year. Now if you’ve followed me on social media you will notice that I have been taking photos for longer than a year and that is true. When I say it’s my year anniversary, I’m referring to the day that I got my business license approved and Cassie Fisher Photography became officially official. Now that we have that nailed out I wanted to just say thanks. It’s so hard to start a business and keep a business going and I’ve been crazy lucky to have been able to work with amazing people this whole year. Someone the other day asked if I actually like all the people I photograph and I was like yes I actually really do! It makes me super hopeful for what is to come. For anyone who aspires to start a business, photography or not, I wanted to just write down the 10 things that I learned within this first year of business. DISCLAIMER I learned WAYYYYY more than 10 things. Like way more things but I thought I would highlight the 10 things that impacted me the biggest. I also wanted to highlight 10 goals that I have for the next 365 days. I just want this next year to be an even bigger growing experience. Now, let’s get this started!

What I’ve learned in my first year of business

  • You can’t make everyone happy

Hi. This is a hard pill to swallow and kind of goes along with number 4 of these things. I think that it’s important to realize that if you made everyone happy then you’re not going to be working with your favorite people or your ideal consumer. You’re also going to end up working way more than you want to because it’s so hard to hit such a large spectrum. Clearly, I never thought I was actually going to make everyone happy but I struggle with the idea that not everyone is going to like what I have going on because I like it. It’s like an awkward unspoken rejection when you see someone you thought was an ideal customer take their needs elsewhere.  

  • Comparison will kill you or inspire the crap out of you

If you haven’t heard this 1,000 times then here it is. But, I think that people don’t look at the flip side of the comparison. It’s all about how you view things. If you’re viewing other people in your industry and thinking why can’t I be them or why don’t people like me like them or why are they so successful then you’re going to end up spiraling into sadness. If you’re looking at others and thinking I can’t wait to be like them or go them they’re killing the game or wow they made it and leads the way for me to come then you’re looking at comparison the correct way. Some photographers I just feel so unworthy next to so I don’t follow along with them and that’s okay. It’s not worth my mental state to constantly compare myself to them. I stick to following those that I see as a mentor and inspiration.

  • Be a stand alone business/brand/creature

Don’t be a copycat. It makes you feel like a fake. Maybe someone became successful in one way but it doesn’t mean that the industry needs a clone. They are successful for way more reasons than you see on social media. It takes too much time trying to copy someone. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  • It’s okay to not be the right fit for someone or to not be the right fit for their needs.

Going back to the numero uno of this whole shabang. I have literally thought wow I wish so badly that a certain person asked me to do their photos. It hurts, even more, when it’s a friend of a friend or someone who reached out to you and then went with someone else. It just stings a bit. It’s totally okay though! If you’re doing things right then you want to the be the completely correct person for them. You can’t appeal to everyone and it’s okay to be happy for someone because they’re happy even if it’s not with you. **Don’t think this applies to ex-boyfriends/girlfriends

  • Sometimes owning a business is really lonely

I don’t even think that I need to say more. It just is really lonely to be hustling and hustling and just trying to make a name for yourself or when you’re working on a Saturday and can’t go be with friends. It’s just hard for people (especially at my age) to relate.

  • Not everyone is going to be cheering you on

WOW THIS SUCKS! It’s the little, “oh you’re really doing that?” or “Why did you decide to start your own company you should have worked with a corporation first” or my all time favorite, “Do you actually think you’re going to be doing this forever?” Ha. Just sometimes I laugh. It’s hard to realize that people aren’t always going to be cheering you on and that’s okay. It’s okay to have people not understand why or what you’re doing because at the end of the day if you’ve worked hard and are proud of the work you’ve done it doesn’t matter what some random person said to you that one time.

  • You’re not doing anyone a favor by being a pushover (especially yourself)

Don’t try to be flexible and work your butt off just to make flex to someone else. There are certain things that you should flex to but mostly don’t change your business plan or change your plans just to help with someone else. It doesn’t make people respect you more (probably less). Keep your sanity.

  • You’re going to literally push yourself way out of your comfort zone basically every day

So many examples and so little time to tell you them all. I’ll leave with the fact that if you’re not pushing yourself out of your comfort zone at least once a week then you’re probably not growing.

  • 9-5 doesn’t exist it’s basically a 24/7 consumption so it’s okay to check out.

Yeah, I have stress dreams about my business sometimes and work super late so that I can spend time with my family but also hustle to deliver to my people. I think it’s worth it, but realize that it’s more than just your typical office job. You don’t leave anything at the office.

  • Cherish those who support you.  

I love you all! Thank you for reading this and supporting me these past 365 days as well as the many days before this! For all those breakdowns and I just wanna quit moments y’all have kept me going. I just can’t even begin to explain how lucky that I am.

My goals before August 31st, 2018

  1. Get published

  2. Do an epic engagement abroad (I’m coming for you Europe and Australia)

  3. Continue work on my film game

  4. Get another camera body

  5. Reach 5k on Instagram

  6. Work closer with clothing companies

  7. Complete my OR location bucket list (hit me up if you want a fat discount and a good time)

  8. Allow some time to read more or watch more Harry Potter

  9. Start selling my film prints

  10. Donate more of my time to others (if anyone has some great charities I can get involved in I would love to hear how I can get involved)

If you’ve stuck with this until the end well thank you for reading my ramblings. Sometimes I write things down and go on a long winded sentence or five. I am excited to take what I’ve learned and move forward with this wonderful thing I have here. My baby has turned one and I can’t wait to spend many more sleepless nights and late mornings drinking Diet Coke and thanking Youtube from my couch. Peace.