Morgan Option Models: Fall Photoshoot

Oh hey blog. Long time, no talk. I have taken some time off from the blog. The list to why I took such a long hiatus is endless, but we’ll leave it at this, I’m back. I have left the struggles of 2018 behind me and I’m charging forward. I always used to think that when I blogged I had to post every single picture and every picture I posted would have to be perfect. I don’t necessarily believe that anymore. While Morgan might be the exception to the rule because she is perfect, more times than not when I work with models, I Iove trying new things! I tried editing with different tones and I was in super dark and then super bright areas during this shoot. We were at a brand new location (one that I can’t get enough of now) and sometimes that’s a hard task. Working with Lifestyle models always has me feeling re-inspired and excited! Morgan is so beyond stunning and I was so excited to finally get the opportunity to shoot with her! Stunning, sweet, and so stinkin talented! Fall, I love you so much, here is my love letter to you! Thanks for letting me play, Morgan. Enjoy!