2020 Senior Reps: The Tulip Festival

I am here to start this blog with a pro tip. When you visit the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon then you realize that the festival ends before the sun goes down. Now, we all know that I absolutely LOVE a golden hour moment. So, my mind was racing when I realized that I would have to leave before the sun start setting. WELL GUESS WHAT: you don’t have to leave! You just have to pay and arrive at the festival before the sun goes down. You’re allowed stay until the sun is gone! I mean I about cried when I realized that was the case. So now that you know that you can spend a little time hanging out then you will understand why I needed to stay until the sun was going down. I needed that beautiful glow in the images!

My stunning Class of 2020 Senior Reps were nice enough to make that long drive on a weekday, through all the rush hour traffic, just to get these beautiful flower filled, spring pictures! Unlike a lot of places around the US, senior pictures in Oregon happen the summer before your senior year. I almost never get to take pictures during the spring of seniors so I was SO happy when they wanted to head out there and get some unique images! The Tulip Festival is a dream!

If you know one of these beautiful Senior Reps of mine don’t forget to contact them and get a discount on any of my senior packages this summer or fall!