How do you find your dream photographer?

It’s my first week of blogging for seniors or soon to be seniors, so I thought I would give you a little two-parter experience. We just talked about why you should consider hiring a professional photographer. If you didn’t read that one yet, go below to read the first ever Cassie Fisher Photography senior blog. Maybe, you’re like yes, yes, yes LET'S DO THIS! I want to hire a professional photographer! But, then again, it’s like how in the H E double hockey sticks do I do this? Let me help you!

Finding a professional senior photographer in the Portland area and beyond is not going to be a hard task. There are SO MANY talented photographers in this area. How do you find “your photographer.” Lemme help you with these tips.

  • Who are your friends getting senior pictures from?

I think that this is a big one! Are you friends senior models for someone and you’ve loved their photos that are a great place to look? Are do you have friends that are older that sing high praise for their senior photographer? Then go to them! So many photographers are open to questions that sometimes it’s all about just reaching out to see if they’re a good fit.

  • Let’s do some Instagram stalking!

If you don’t already, then you should probably start. I would say to go look at photographers in the area you’ve heard about and look at their feed. Do you like what they have to say? Do you like how their photos have turned out? Definitely look at an Instagram feed because I think it says a lot about a photographer's personality as well as their style!

  • Find your person.

This is straight up Grey’s Anatomy love that I’m talking about. Find a photographer that you love as a person and honestly the rest will fall into place. Maybe if you don’t know many friends who have taken pictures with them, ask to have a coffee date with your photographer. Ask to get to know someone on the phone. Senior photographers love seniors! I mean I love all my seniors and we want you to feel comfortable around us so it’s super important that you reach out! Senior photos are big and you want to find someone that matches your personality and style.

I honestly don’t think that you can go wrong with the photographers in the Portland/Willamette valley area. They are all so amazingly talented. I think that most important thing to pull away from this season is find someone that you click with. Let’s be real unless you’re on a season of America’s Next Top Model, you’re not getting your pictures taken all the time. Finding someone that can make you feel relaxed in comfortable in front of the camera will make the world of difference in your photos. Find the Derek to your Meredith. Don’t settle.