How to Prepare for Your Senior Session- Tips and Tricks

THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ALONG! I can’t believe this is my 4th blog post for you seniors! For future seniors or parents or friends or just those who love to read fun things from a random girl afraid of fish. It’s crazy! Thank you so much for being here and following along. If you’re new, welcome! I can’t wait for you to learn and feel more prepared for your senior session. You deserve the very best and I hope I can help you get that. If you’re looking for more or feel like you have a bigger question than my blogs have answered, no worries! I would love to hear from you. I’ve created this form for you seniors, not just from the Willamette Valley area, but from all over so that I can help you! Feel free to click over to THIS LINK and let's chat.

Okay so now that “the business” part of this blog is over with, let’s get down to the really stuff. I’ve been where you have been. Girl trust me I’ve been so confused on what you need to do before a session. I’ve been there basically thinking that I can’t even sleep on my face the night before because I wouldn’t have a clear face or perfect hair. I have EVEN been the girl who thought I had to shave everything so that the lens wouldn’t see that I didn’t shave my legs in 2 days. Does this relate to you? Well then if it does then let’s get down to it. You don’t need to stress. You senior session is supposed to be fun and exciting, not hard or time consuming. Let’s talk about how to prepare for your senior session. Check through all of these tips on how to have your perfect senior photos. Preparation is key.

5 days before your senior session:

  • CHAPSTICK. I cannot stress this enough. Wearing chapstick to bed the couple of nights before you session will help you feel confident and have the best possible look during the session. It’s so simple, but something that isn’t even been talked about.

  • OUTFIT SELECTION. Now for some of you, you’re like girl please I picked out my outfits 5 years ago. Others feel stressed about outfit selection. If you pick out your outfits a couple of days before then you’re not scrambling to decide. Also, you should take what you’re planning on wearing and hang it up. This way if it’s hung up 5 days before your senior session you won’t have to worry about super wrinkly clothing.

  • PICK WHO YOU'RE BRINGING. Sometimes you need your people around. I say that the more the merrier. Some people prefer to only bring one person or no-one to their session (which is totally okay too). It’s just better to decide who is coming earlier rather than later so you can make sure they’re going to come and support you.

  • BONUS: If you’re a super neurotic person (like me) then you’ll be thinking about every aspect of your senior session. I think that another way to go above and beyond is to whiten your teeth. It’s not necessary by any means it just adds that extra umph to sessions.

1 day before your senior session:

  • DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING? It’s super important to make sure that if you don’t know where you’re meeting your photographer before this day then you need to double check. Communication is key and why would you want to start your session off to a stressful start by not knowing where to go?

  • PACK YO THINGS. I don’t mean bring a suitcase full of clothes that mean you’re going to Europe for 3 weeks. No, no, no I mean that you need to get it all together and be prepared. Also, make sure that you’re not wrinkling all your clothes up. Pack appropriately for the best results.

  • BEAUTY ROUTINE. Do you shower everyday? Do you wash your face everyday? Do you only shave your legs once a week? Then do all of that. Stick to your beauty routines! Don’t try something new the night before. It just never works the way you’d like it to. But, wear chapstick friend. Please.

Day of the session:

  • COME TO THE SHOOT WITH A FRESH FACE. If you’re getting your makeup done (which your should) for you senior photos then you should come with a fresh face. Make sure that you’re ready to go. This also means don’t wear the shirt that you’re wearing for your seniors to do makeup. Bring a button up shirt that you can get some powder on and not worry about for the time being so you’re fully prepared.

  • GET STOKED. But seriously I mean it. Come full of caffeine, food, or whatever it takes for you to feel full of energy. We’re gonna do it! You want to have fun during your senior photos so it’s super important to come ready to smile probably too much and be full of energy. Don’t be afraid to bring snacks to your session so that you can keep that hype.

  • DON'T WORRY ABOUT YOUR LEG HAIR. The camera cannot see your leg hair. If you’re someone who needs to have shaved legs to feel more confident than do that. Do what is best for you. Seriously these are your photos. Don’t let someone change the way that you do you.

  • IS IT GOING TO BE HOT? Maybe think about sweat. Do you sweat when it's super hot out? I do too. Just remember that you don’t want to look super sweaty during your photos so don’t be afraid to bring a little towel and have your photographer or entourage carry it around so you can cool down. We don't’ want you to feel hot or look sweaty during your senior photos.

 Sorry if this is SO much information. It really isn’t as much as you would think. The biggest thing is to come ready and happy. This is supposed to be fun. The tips above are just supposed to be little extra things you can do to make your senior photos as perfect as imaginable. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, you can contact me with any questions you have. Maybe it’s about this post or something else, I want to hear from you! Click this link so I can help you feel like the best you for your session. I can’t wait to hear from you. I hope you have fun preparing for your senior photos!