Portland Lifestyle Photoshoot: Analesa

Have you ever seen that Portlandia episode (It was the first season) where Portland is obsessed with one singular ray of sun? Its basic premises is that during the winter everyone is sad but then one ray of sun shows up and all of sudden there is tank tops, a volleyball net, and sandals. The whole day it goes away and then comes back leaving room for hilarious anecdotes that represent my coldness during winter in Oregon.

As you can tell, these pictures are a perfect reason why Oregonians love those little bits of sun during Winter and early Spring. It had been raining for what seemed like years but was probably like 2 days straight. Naturally I opened up my weather app and saw that we had one day for sun and forced my sister to model for me. When I say forced, I mean more of a creative combo. A little Portland photographer and actress sister combo kind of deal. With her love of overalls and my love of light we set out on Sunday looking for some Spring! Actually, we literally drove around Lake Oswego (Oregon) looking for a street lined with beautiful blossoms and found it! The way I think that I photograph my sister is that I just like to have fun with it and play around with new styles, lighting, and just overall (get it) vibes of a shoot! It may not have been warm per say, but it sure was fun to try out some new things while having cars drive by looking at us weird. Just gotta do your thing sometimes, yeah know? So as you can tell I’m low key obsessed with these photos and I’m excited that I finally get to share them with all of you! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Portland Actress Lifestyle Photoshoot
Portland Oregon Actress Lifestyle Photoshoot
Portland Oregon Actress Overall Photoshoot
Portland Oregon 90's Lifestyle Photoshoot