Why high a professional photographer for your senior pictures?

Honestly, I am so excited you’re here. I have wanted to do this little project/blog/helpful tips section for a long time. It’s finally close enough to senior sessions that I was like yes, it’s time, let’s do this! I will be writing a blog once a week with questions I know all seniors have had. I was in your shoes about 6 years ago dying to know EVERYTHING. So first of all, thanks for being so open to reading what I have to say. I really hope that by writing this helps you figure out what you want out of senior photographer and what you want out of your senior session. Let’s be real, this only happens once and you want to be fully prepared before you make that big decision.

So here is the question for this week: “Why hire a professional photographer for senior pictures?” This is big I know, but why not start this out with a bang?

First of all, let’s define a professional photographer. This is actually a hard thing to do. If you’re looking at the definition of an amateur and a professional. The definition goes something like, an amateur is someone who does it for the love of it and not the money. Then you’ll look at professional and it will be either someone who uses a skill to earn a living or someone who is an expert in their field. Kind of an awkward line in my opinion because someone can be an amateur, but still be an expert, right? I sure think so. That all being said, you’re probably asking WHY, what is the point this and what is the benefit of hiring a professional photographer? Well, let me tell you the 3 reasons why.

1. Professional photographers are worth the money!

We all start somewhere. I 100% agree that it is great to support a friend who is trying to move from an amateur to a professional photographer. I would love to thank all my friends who worked through this time with me so that I could become a professional. With all that being said, we (the professional photographers) are earning our livelihood taking beautiful pictures of super amazing people, so we tend to charge a little bit more money than a good friend would. That also being said, we REALLY know what we’re doing. We spend time treating you like the star that you are. When you pay more, you get more, especially when it comes to services like photography. Your senior session when you hire a professional is going to come with all things professional such as, lighting, posing, editing, delivery, prints. Everything you want and need to make for a session successful.

Hiring a professional photographer for your senior pictures means you’ll 100% love your images and you’ll love the way that you’re treated. I really think that it’s worth the money because these photos are yours FOREVER! Like literally I still get parents showing me their senior pictures and how much they loved theirs and how they can’t wait to treasure their children’s forever too.

2. You only got one shot!

Senior year. Guys this is it. This is legit. This is your time. I mean I think that especially in the Willamette Valley area we don’t see a high school diploma as a super huge deal. But it’s time to celebrate all the hard work you put into getting a high school diploma. IT’S HUGE! This is a huge time in your life and I think that’s why you need to use this photoshoot to celebrate. TREAT YO SELF!

3. Assurance/Commitment

Professionals are committed to your senior session. I can totally say that for every photographer that I know. A professional photographer is here to assure that you have a great outcome and experience. Sometimes when you hire your best friend it can get awkward if the pictures don’t turn out how you had hoped. Sometimes it can possibly ruin a friendship. Trust me, I’ve been there. I KNOW that you can help support a friend while also getting the photos that you want.


Professional photographers are not for everyone. I totally get that. Sometimes people don’t see the value of photography as others do, that’s just another thing that makes everyone so different. Whoever you choose for a photographer whether it be in Portland, McMinnville, Newberg, or a different state altogether, just be sure that you know the differences between an amateur and professional. Make sure you have all the information, because like I said these are YOUR senior photos. It’s what you want and how you want to look back in 5-10-40 years. See the value in the experience and the fact that they are an expert in a field. These are your photos to rock! I can’t wait to see what they look like. I hope you have the best time ever taking your senior photos!