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“A photographer is more than a nice camera, it’s how the person behind it makes you feel.”

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As a twenty something lover of sloths, diet coke, my dog, and photography (duh) I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the greatest people of all time. My favorite part of photography is making people feel special, beautiful and confident. I know how it feels to walk away from a photoshoot feeling uncomfortable and unsure. My goal is to never have that happen with my clients. Through my curly haired top knot, my AWFUL jokes, and my love for photography then I know that people walk away loving themselves and then weeks later they love their images. I can’t wait to add you to list of the greatest of the great. I’m probably already obsessed with you.


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hey guysss!

I'm Cassie or Cass. Most days you can find me in my pajamas, top knot, and under my pile of blankets binge watching Netflix (suggestions are always welcome). I am mostly known for my love or obsession with sloths and if you ask some of my friends you could also add "sloth girl" to the list of affectionate nicknames. I also happen to be addicted to Diet Coke, all things sweet and gluten free. As you can tell my major motivation is food. When I'm not photographing you beautiful humans I love serving the world through volunteer work.

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word on the street

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Stalk me on Instagram. Sometimes I share pictures of Dottie.