Do I pick the edited images or do you?

I pick the images to edit. Depending on your session you get a certain amount of edited, high resolution images via an online gallery where you can download and print as you’d like. The images come in the form of a link and you’re welcome to send those images to whomever you’d like. While I pick all the edited images that I send to you, you have more than enough imaged to look through and can pick your favorites to print.


I’m really awkward in front of the camera and don’t know what I’m doing. Will you help me during the photoshoot?

First of all, I don’t allow anyone to say that they’re awkward during their shoot! YOu’re 100% not awkward just because you’re not Kendall Jenner and get your picture taken 1 billion times a day. Once you say you’re awkward you will shut down and all of your images will read, “I feel uncomfortable.” Second of all, of course I help you through the photoshoot. I use a ton of movement in my images and like to say that I direct more than pose. Trust me when I say that about 15 minutes into the shoot you’re going to feel like a model and will be telling me how to direct a shoot.


What do I wear?

I’m here to help! I have guide that help couples, families, and especially seniors nail down their outfits for the shoot. I am always happy to take those fantastic mirror selfie text messages or snapchats to help you decide on what to wear. Pro tip: wear what makes you feel the best and you’ll never go wrong.


Where do we take the pictures?

That is totally up to you, your family or your group where we take the pictures. I have a huge list of places that work great for photography and we can try those or something you have in mind. I shoot inside and out. I’m willing to travel but ask for a minor fee to cover my gas. Check that out HERE if you’re wondering.


What if it’s bad weather?

More times than not I shoot outside. I love the outdoors and there are so many amazing locations with a ton of variety that you can’t always get with an indoor venue. Since we know I’m located in OR it tends to rain all the time! I only cancel shoots if it’s raining, there’s a thunderstorm (sorry but huge fear of mine), or if there’s were weather phenomenon. Clouds can be just as great for a photoshoot as the sun can be!


Can I bring my pet?

YES PLEASE! I love dogs so much that I will probably end up falling in love with your 4 legged friend fast. I also love a ton of different animals so feel free to bring anything you call a pet. I especially love shoot with horses. I have even had a senior bring their hedgehog no joke.