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hi guysss!

I'm Cassie or Cass. Most days you can find me in my pajamas, top knot, and under my pile of blankets binge watching Netflix (suggestions are always welcome). I am mostly known for my love or obsession with sloths and if you ask some of my friends you could also add "sloth girl" to the list of affectionate nicknames. I also happen to be addicted to Diet Coke, all things sweet and gluten free. As you can tell my major motivation is food. When I'm not photographing you beautiful humans I love serving the world through volunteer work. I'm always looking for more way to give back to the community. My favorite charities are the Merry Heart Children's Camp, Camp J.A.M., The American Heart Association, and Love Your Melon. The things that I am most passionate about are my family friends, learning, and all things creative.

My photography style is modern, fun, and real. Trust me I won't be having you pose in any trees or awkwardly on some rock. Though I obviously love photography, my favorite part of my business is meeting new people and building connections. Years from now I want you to look back at these photos not only loving the images, but loving the memories associated with them. I want you to revel in the light, laughter, and sentiment of this time of your life.


Wait, What You're Still Here?

Okay, well if you're dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me:



I AM FULLY OBSESSED WITH HARRY POTTER! I mean I may or may not have cried during my visit to Harry Potter studies outside of London. Proud hufflepuff for life.
My puppies name is Dot or Dottie or girlfiend or Dotaroo or Cootie or love of my life and she’s a mix of lab and golden retriever.  She has an extreme underbite, I’m not even joking and it’s my favorite part about her.
I have been to about 20+ countries and I have a serious travel bug. I studied abroad my Junior Year of college in Nottingham, England.
Gluten Free for life. Shout out to allergies and living to PDX where they have a ton of good gluten free goodies.
Finally, I have super, super curly hair, but rarely wear it down because if I do I fall subject to people running their fingers through my hair which makes it go all frizzy or it is constantly in my face, so in a top knot it will stay. 
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